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Nationwide have responded to my SARN request by providing a large bundle of paperwork, most of which is a load of ****! However, there are a no of interesting pages, a couple of which have had areas blanked out !!! My question is, do I not have a right to see the original copy of any paperwork relating to me that the Nationwide possess ??

Thanks for the help and site, and up yours N !!

-- theycankissmyarse (, May 14, 2002


The DPA allows them to exclude certain types of data. They can for instance remove any opinions of you, and they can withhold the name of the author of any opinions of you.

But really that's it. Everything else should be provided to you.

If you feel that NW have withheld data then you should complain to the IC. You must do this by sending them a letter and an example of data that has been blanked out. Your letter must have a title of something like, "Formal Request for Assessment".

The IC website has an Assessment form, with all the right questions for you, that can be downloaded. But they should accept a suitable letter.

Call the IC on 01625-545700 and ask for the consumer advice line if you have any questions about the DPA. They are busy but helpful.

Good Luck.

-- (, May 14, 2002.

Thanks for the advice, will follow that up asap.

-- theycankissmyarse (, May 14, 2002.

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