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Found this information in an ad about the release of a book entitled: The Anti-Christ and a cup of Tea. (A little unusual, but interesting none the less.)

Prince Charles currently fulfills these biblical criteria pertaining to the coming AntiChrist: 1.) the symbols in his heraldic achievement or coat of arms match those presented in Revelation 13, Daniel 7, and elsewhere 2.) he literally serves the red dragon (Satan), which was central to his 1969 investiture as the Prince of Wales 3.) his name calculates to 666 in both English and Hebrew using the biblical system (Rev 13:18) 4.) he claims documented descents from David, Jesus (via the occult Merovingian lineage), and Mohammed, but is most likely from the tribe of Dan and Odin (Satan) 5.) he has stated his desire to be the King of Europe 6.) he appears to be responsible for the initiation of the current Mideast "peace process", and has been directly involved since Yitzhak Rabin's funeral 7.) he has taken a traceable bio-chip implant 8.) in many other documented respects, the prince is, unknown to the general public, the number one globalist in the world t 9.) virtually the entire "New World Order" hierarchy sits beneath the British Monarchy. 10.) A Brazilian state government is now idolizing Prince Charles as a winged god with the inscription 'Savior of the World.'

Truth is always stranger than fiction.

-- Bob in WI (, May 13, 2002


Interesting. I'm still "trippin'" over Nastradamus.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 13, 2002.

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