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We are group of four students of third year of Electronics Engineering in the Dowd College of Engineering & Technology Karachi. At the end of this month, we have to complete our PLC based project. The project assign to us is a four floor elevator controlled by the S7-200 Siemens PLC. We are facing problem in its PLC Logic program. Can you send us its logic so that we can complete our educational project? If this is convenient for you then please do this so that we can complete it on time. We will arrange all inputs and outputs according to the requirement of logic-program. We will be very oblige and thankful to you for your time and help. We will look forward for your prompt kind response.

-- Hamid Mehmood (, May 13, 2002


If an answer was sent to you then you would never learn a thing. DO it yourself and you will feel much better. And, actually understand what is happening.

-- Future Employer (, May 02, 2003.

Yes, i think you should try and do this project on your own as it seems like your all a bunch of fools trying to use the internet to cheat out of class.

But please refer to the following address, as it might give you some ideas....

-- m (, October 29, 2003.

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