location of St. Petersburg new Seaboard station

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Does any one have the address of the "new" Seaboard Station that was built in the 60's in St. Petersburg and is it still there?

-- robert bregent (railassociates@yahoo.com), May 12, 2002


Thanks, Ted, tried to email you but your address coming back as a bad link. Great info will use in June to visit sites. Bob B.

-- robert bregent (railassociates@yahoo.com), May 14, 2002.

The "new" Seaboard station was located on US19 (34th street) and Fairfield Ave. (8th ave, South)...It still stands today as Cox Lumber. In fact, the original red brick portion still has the studs in the wall were the "SEABOARD" lettering was attached. Also, the old SAL freight station on 20th is still here and has a cast headstone with "SEABOARD" in it.

The "new" SAL station replaced the old downtown station that was on 2nd Ave South and about 3rd street about 1960.....

I have a set of builders drawings for the new station.....

The old ACL station...was moved from 1st ave south and 8th street to the new station at 3701 31 street, North. (c. 1963) This is now used by a pharmaceutical company....it is fenced off...but the passenger platforms are still there.

As all passenger traffic on the S line was discontinued in 1968...all passenger traffic was shifted to the ACL station at that time...

If you want more info on the SAL and ACL in Pinellas County...give me a hollar.....

Ted Strickland (727) 866-0093

-- Ted Strickland (tedstrickland@pol.net), May 13, 2002.

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