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I handed the keys over to my house about 18months ago and went to live with my partner in his house. They eventually found me and have given me until September to respond to their letter (I have not acknowledged them as yet). My partner (now husband) and I are planning to move and I would like to know, firstly, if I put my name on the mortgage will they have a claim to our new house (if they find me) and secondly, if I change my name and address on my bank accounts, credit cards etc will they be able to find me from this information. I know they can if I apply for new credit, but what about old accounts and a new mortgage?

Be really grateful if you could advise before I mess up my husband's credit rating too.


-- Sarah Luff (, May 12, 2002


They will find you very easily I am afraid. Your credit file and poll tax records will link you immediately, and even if it takes a while, the credit check on your name(s) when you add yourself to the new mortgage (silly idea - you will have a distrainable asset) will raise a huge flag for them to see. Changing your name does nothing - the Lender in my case has persistently referred to me by the wrong name for 11 years, but they still harass me - recently picking up the pace to a weekly basis and writing to ex-relatives (so I heard through the grapevine!) for pre-lit purposes. Why it took them 11 years is beyond me, but with four kids and no income they can go swing.

-- Too scared to say (, May 12, 2002.

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