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Having now received the SARN information from the Halifax(a rather large bundle) I am wondering which is the best course to take. From previous correspondance it would seem I have several options.

a)Time in which Halifax will chase shortfall. b)MIG policy payout c)Price that property was sold for d)Passing all information to a solicitor

I have been using this site for several months now and have found its contributions invaluable with my case. I hope that someone will be able to point me in the right direction once more?

Yours faithfully

James Sullivan

-- James Sullivan (, May 12, 2002


Your next job is to go through that SARN response looking for discrepancies.

Here is what one contributor found after serving her second SARN on Grabbey National http://www.home-

Serve SARNS on any and every debt collector, estate agent, private agent, lawyer mentioned in the SARN response that had anything to do with your case.


-- Lee (, May 12, 2002.

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