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Well my SARN on the Britannia has least they have sent a pile of stuff to wade through, which I will. They have NOT included a copy of the mortgage deed which apparently I will need if I am to challenge legal costs which they imposed. No information to explain the MIG except to say there was one. The valuations for the sale are all there plus the accounts to cover their costs. Interseting though as the valuers reports ...........and there are three all give exactly the same values in almost the same writing. All also said good market potential. YET 4 months before I had a sale for the house at a higher price. The property had been surveyed on behalf of the purchasers and the purchase price agreed. The purchasers had to pull out due to illness. However the purchasers after repo were the same couple and they saved themselves 1350 on a reduced price when house prices were increasing in a good market. Seems odd that???????????

The mortgage had been transferred from Citibank and although I have correspondence advising of the transfer to Britannia there is nothing in the SARN results. There is nothing to say what the outstanding mortgage was at transfer. Any ideas /comments???????????????

-- A & G (, May 10, 2002

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