I bought Murray McMurray's Rarest of the rare assortment

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It sure has been fun to see what they all turned into. I really love the Golden Laced Wyandottes they sent me. These are awfully pretty chickens.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (bittlelitfarm@aol.com), May 10, 2002


Hey Bit, what other breeds did you get in the mix? I just received my newest batch from them on Monday. As I am rebuilding my all purpose flock, I ordered a mix of Buff Orpingtons, Light Brahmas, and Australorps. We only lost one out of twentyfive. They are truly some of the best entertainment that you can have!

-- uncle jake (jakesimmons@charter.net), May 11, 2002.

Well we got some Blue and black Cochins, White Langshans, Red and white laced cornish, Egyptian Fayomis, a couple of Red Caps, and a sprinkling of others I haven't quite decided their breed. My absolute Favorite breeds are Buff Orpingtons, Light Brahmas, Buff Brahmas. I really wish now that we had spent our money on them. However we intended to sell these rare breeds at auction. Unfortunately prices have dropped considerably since we bought them.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (bittlelitfarm@aol.com), May 11, 2002.

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