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Just for clarity I am running the Forum Rules today for your viewing enjoyment! These are the same ones I have been running, so if you have read them before you can skip them, or you might read them to refresh your memory...


Generally on the 1st of the month I am trying to post the forum rules, so once again here they are for your review. Thanks everyone. All of you regulars can skip this!!! I am sure you are sick of me saying it over and over... But if you are still reading, here are the rules, and they are pretty simple! What is allowed: any post about family life, living in the country, animals, getting to know you type questions, religious postings (most all of these are Christian in nature, so if that will offend you, this probably isn't the place for you!) prayer requests, quotes, stories, book reviews, and discussions, recipes, questions about homesteading, money saving hints, tightwad tips... and much, much more!

NO profanity, no questionable jokes, no name-calling, no disrespectful postings, NO SARCASM (seems to be the most often dis-obeyed!!) I am the moderator, and if I delete it there is no debate.

If you see something questionable that I didn't catch, e-mail me and I will take care of it!

If you post a new thread, PUT IT IN A CATEGORY!!!! I don't have time to do this, so if it isn't put in one, it won't be!!

On Mitch's stumpers, he requests that you DO NOT use computer search engines: use your brain, your encyclopedia, your kid, your dictionary, or his clues. It is his topic area and that is his rule!

Some other regular features: Hoot's corner, featuring religious and old time postings, What's for supper? tightwad tips, Prayer requests (posted for the week on Saturday evening) Thursday Check Ins for those trying to lose weight and get healthier, Recipes from A to Z, (which will be starting again soon!), and many more regular features.

Do not post topics simply to start a fight. I don't like it, and it will probably be deleted.

Our purpose is to help one another, in a kind and compasionate manner. We are here to give advice, share our triumphs and troubles, to give needed support and encouragement in an understanding way! Welcome to Country Families,and enjoy the forum!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 09, 2002

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