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Hi, Well, its windy here today and I thought heck, I have some material and a shift pattern..I will try to sew a dress for my self. (Should I mention here that the last time I sewed a dress was when I was a senior in high school? Trust me .. many many moons have passed since then!) I know the machine works..Cause alot of you helped me get through the great curtain making project for the new house. Thing calls for fusible interfacing..huh? I did finally remember what that was...but I do not have any. Can I use another material for this? This first dress will definitely be for working around here..I just find them so much more comfortable than jeans...FINALLY I understand what my grandmothers saw in wearing dresses all the time!

I know this is probably a real kindergarten sewing question..but I hate to use something different and maybe ruin the dress. Thank you so much and enoy the day..

-- Sher (, May 09, 2002


Hi Sher, do you remember Interfacing from your sewing days? It can be light weight, or rather stiff piece of thin material that goes in collars, facings and such. In our early days of sewing, interfacing was sewn in, but now a days, it is an iron in. ( you can buy the kind that is sewn in still). Depending on what your material is that needs interfacing, will determine what you can substitute. Email me and we will brain storm! Sissy

-- Sissy (, May 09, 2002.

God bless you Sissy! I have emailed you. Thank you for being so generous.

-- Sher (, May 09, 2002.

Sher, you have probably already made your decision, but I frequently leave the interfacing off on my work dresses, makes them lighter and more comfy in summer IMO. I tend to make smock type jumpers that all call for interfacing that make the cotton not breath as much as I would like it to.

-- diane (, May 09, 2002.

You know, you can use old sheeting for interfacing-if you have say a cotton sheet thats worn through the middle, but the edges are still in pretty good shape-makes a nice soft "breathable" interfacing. It works great for everyday clothes.

-- Kelly (, May 10, 2002.

I am like Diane, if it is a fairly good material I don't use the interfacing on everyday clothes! If it is the slippy slidy stuff or if it is going to have to look tailored, then I do. If it is just a farm dress or even a decent go to town one, I don't use the interfacing. I always sew with a good grade of 100% cotton and can get away with not using it. A word to the wise, if you iron the interfacing on the wrong underneath side of the collar then it will look better than if you iron it on the top collar pattern piece. Sometimes when you wash a dress a lot of times the interfacing kinda gets funny underneath and if it is on the part of the collar that doesn't show it will give you the stiffness without looking funny after many many washings. At least that is what works for me. I use interfacing on my husband's shirts and nice blouses for me. It helps to not have to iron them as much. I don't like to iron! :~)!

-- Nan (, May 11, 2002.

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