What is your opinion of the proposed Yucca Mountain radioactive waste dump?

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The US government plans to spend an estimated $58 billion to build a high-level radioactive waste repository deep under Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Do you think this is a good idea or not? Why or why not?

-- Sharon Gabel (gabel@oswego.edu), May 09, 2002


it dosn't sound so hot to me, if a rock can be uplifted to the surface so can those materials. But then again i can't come up with a better way that would be more cost effective. all I can think is to lauch the waste into space :]

-- paul hope (paulhope@twcny.rr.com), October 07, 2002.

I believe it is a good idea under the circumstances that the government make sure this waste repository will not hurt the environment

-- Jason Kim (tkd4j@yahoo.com), December 15, 2002.

I think this is a good idea, because this will help reduce the amount of radioactive waste in the country and reduce pollution.

-- Teng Lee (tlee2@oswego.edu), December 15, 2002.

I think Paul is on to something. Why don't we just launch it all into space. I don't see how that can hurt. But you know that if we started doing that, Greenpeace would just develope another branch to protect space too. But I think that the repository under the Yucca Mountains is a fine idea, as long as they protect it well.

-- ryan powers (ralphie1984@yahoo.com), February 12, 2003.

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