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We have a 2yr. old hen that has been acting funny since yesterday. She is eating, but not much. She stands hundled up as if she were cold and sleeps alot. She is laying, well yesterday she laid. Her stool seems to be fine too. Her eyes an and comb/ wattles look bright and healthy. Any suggestions would be apprieciated.

-- Kelle in MT (, May 09, 2002


Just as a precaution, I'd isolate her from the rest of your flock for a few days until you can decide if she is sick or not. While she is isolated you will be better able to determine if she is coming down with something or not.

-- BC (, May 09, 2002.

Thanks, my husband decided we needed to get rid of her before something did happen. She did end up having watery stools. My husband said, "One sick hen isn't worth the rest getting sick", sad to see her go she was a good layer. But we've got chicks due to hatch in 6 days, so it isn't worth it, really. :o(

-- Kelle in MT (, May 09, 2002.

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