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Hello can anyone tell me anything about buying a hot tub? I would like to know if there are particular brands that I should stay away from due to your experiences with problems. Has anyone bought one off the internet? I prefer to do hometown business, but out in the country there isn't a dealer within 50 miles. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, B Adams PS could you send some of that rain your getting down to east texas we are sure hurting for it.

-- BAdams (, May 09, 2002


I just use a wash tub to dip my chickens in before plucking them. Course, I only do a few at a time.

-- Joe (, May 09, 2002.

This will be a hot tub for humans as my spouse doesn't like chickens except right out of the skillet. Thanks b adams

-- BAdams (, May 09, 2002.

B, Royal Spa makes a very nice hot tub. We've had ours since October, and we've talked to others who have owned theirs longer. They really seem to perform well, and last. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for.

-- Judy in IN (, May 09, 2002.

We have a PDC and like it alot. You can often find them on sale at the dealers on the big summer weekends (Memorial Day and Labor Day). Planning your installation is important too. If outside, you will want a concrete pad to place it on. Water weighs alot. We have a cubic yard pad that elevates it as well to deck height. Ours is big (8 person)and there was no way to move it ourselves and so had it installed. Which was good, since we had a few problems that they had to fix since they installed it.

What size tub are you looking for? The cover you get with the spa and can buy separately makes a difference. The flat top rigid covers have a use life outside of about 2 years. We have since bought one that is inflatable with a sailcloth top and heavy duty rubber bottom. Very light and easy to move. Not to mention durable up here where we have snow and rain weathering it. Pricey, but has been worth it.

-- Anne (, May 09, 2002.

We are looking for at least a 6 person hot tub preferably with 2 recliners since we have no children left at home. I am curious about how many jets? We had the slab poured when they were getting close to finishing our new house, I planned that one way ahead of time, also have the power already there for it. Thanks badams

-- BAdams (, May 09, 2002.

Morgan Spa. Find the nearest manufacturing site (they are all over the country, very often rural) Go look at their spas and ask for a reconditioned one or a flawed one. We saved about $1000 that way.

They deliver and set up. We love it!!!!!!!!!!

-- Rose (, May 09, 2002.

Jets are a personal preference. Honestly, we don't have it all fired up (two sets of jets and bubbles too) that often. It seems loud in all this quiet! We only use the light when friends are getting in and then we turn it off. It all depends on what you like.

-- Anne (, May 09, 2002.

We bought ours at one of the big home improvement stores (Lowe's)all in all it has been pretty good,other than the circulating pump burned up and when that quit the heater went with it since it was not circulating, and of course the warranty only covered it for a year.I believe it cost us around $200.00 for the new heater and pump and that was with me installing it.Make sure you get one with a inline heater,ours has a seperate circulating line for the heater and will not keep the temp up when its cold out.All in all I would look to a better quality spa and our next one will proably be a Hot Springs spa for they have one of the best warranty's out there.You may want to check out there Becareful with cheap close-outs and bargain spa's, it is definately a "you get what you pay for".If you're in a cold climate also look for a well insulated tub and insulated base. the hard cover I have is three years old now and in real good shape,I armor-all the crap out of it in the spring and the fall.the square foot weight of the spa's filled if I remember correctly is not much more than a refrigerator and they can be put on a deck(if it was built right) mine is 6 foot off the ground.Dealers will proably try to push or highlight that the unit has a ozonator which from what I have learned they are not as effective as they claim.I know see that there are ones being advertised around here that are chemical free and don't use a ozonator but i don't know how they are doing it.When you go looking you may want write down the ones you like and then research them on the web before buying.Goodluck. Happy Hot Tubbing! Dave(central WI)

-- Dave (, May 09, 2002.

Dave, good answers. I had trouble with my rigid cover-the exterior vinyl was fine (I treated it) but it was a flat cover and the rain and snow load slowly caused it to bow and that is what did it in. I would sweep it off when I was able, guess we were just hard on it! I really like the light weight and easy manueverability of the inflated cover. Not to mention the safety of children and dogs (who will roll right off) onto the deck and not into the water.

-- Anne (, May 10, 2002.

Our hot tub is a Hotspring Jetsetter. Smaller for just us two at home now and is so far just wonderful. We have one with the MotoMassage which which pulses up and down your back. There are other types of jets also in each of the "seats." We looked at a few brands and felt that the Hotspring had the better warranty and features and just plain looked nicer. Ours has the ozonator which adds fresh air continuously plus we have the silver ion filter cartridge which almost eliminates your need for chlorine (only needed on fills). Our dealer will check our water for chemical balance, hardness, etc if we bring in a sample (or mail). Shop around and do research on the internet before you buy. Make sure that service is not going to be a problem, even if you live 50 miles away. Good luck! Oh yes, do you want snow?

-- JoAnn in SD (, May 10, 2002.

I reccomend getting a used one. Check your local ads there's always someone getting rid of one. Here in California the electric models are the cheapest to run - believe it or not. We bought ours used for $300 and it works great. We found we didn't use it much so we don't heat it now unless we decide we want to use it later. It doesn't take long to heat. Grandkids use it for a swimming pool in the summer. OUrs is a four seater and we don't use all the jets as it does make a lot of noise. When we left it on all the time, winter before this one, it cost us around $25. Enjoy, hot tubs are great for those aching bones.

-- cindy palmer (, May 10, 2002.

Wow what great advice you have given. Now I will do a lot of research.Thanks a Million. Yes we would take the snow. B Adams

-- BAdams (, May 10, 2002.

I keep saving stuff thinking one of these days the junk could be made into a hot tub. The last item was an old galvanized steel grain storage bin that was free for the taking. I got my welding tanks last week, and am wondering if corrosion will be a problem if I just cut it to size. Thinking about using an old shallow well pump that was also free for the asking....just need the time and the jets. An old electric hot water heater element placed in a pipe should heat it I think, and a GFI should make it safe.

If course if you have the cash, that is always a simpler way to go, but not as rewarding I think.

-- Gary from Mn (, May 12, 2002.

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