Enron Scandals Engulf Army Secretary Thomas E. White

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Enron Scandals Engulf Army Secretary Thomas E. White

Date: 4/4/02

Source: Institute for America's Future

White, former head of Enron Energy Services, offends the core military code of "mission and men before self," argues Eliot Cohen in Wall Street Journal editorial.

Calls for White's resignation grow: Read CAF director Robert Borosage in The Nation, military analyst Eliot Cohen in the Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times editorial calling on White to resign.

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-- Cherri (whatever@who.cares), May 09, 2002


If he doesn't resign we should fire the crooked bastard. Not only that, he should be charged as the criminal he is and spend the rest of his filthy life rotting in prison.

-- (sick of @ Dubya's. scumbags), May 10, 2002.

Clemency for the Democrats involved and death sentances for the Repugs.

-- Sounds (fair@to.me), May 10, 2002.

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