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Hello All!

Greetings from Nebraska. I lived all my life in Morehead City, NC, until a few years ago when I moved away. As a present for earning my Eagle Scout Award, my father took me to Hamlet, a place he often talked of. Since then I have made several trips there, but being so far away from home now it is hard to get back as often as I would like.

I remember going to the station and speaking with the retired Seaboard men. It was more of a treasure to hear their stories than all of the museum itself I think. Anyways, One gentleman comes to mind, and please forgive me if I mispell his name, Mr. Julius Crowel.

Does anyone know of him or how he is doing? He always made me feel at home, and he respected my love for trains as much as I respected him working for the railroad.

I seriously doubt he remembers me, but I designed a few t-shirts for him once, and he asked me to design one with the Seaboard 2600 class locomotive on the front. The printer I had printing my shirts at the time could not, or would not take the time to do the job right, and I had to tell Mr. Crowel I could not finish the shirt as requested.

That was the last I talked with him, it must have been about 1997. If anyone knows him or how he is doing please let me know. Be rest assured I plan to make it back to Hamlet someday, and the station and museum will be the first place I go.

And lastly, does anybody have any photos of the 2600's they may wish to share? I have been fortunate enough to get the equipment to print my own shirts, and if Mr. Crowel would still be interested, I would like to send him one.

Thanks in advance for any info, and thanks for everyone sharing their information. Hearing you gentlemen talk about North Carolina towns and all makes the distance seem a little less, and my memories that much more real.


Daniel T. Edwards 200 feet from the UP Nebraska Main

-- Daniel T. Edwards (, May 09, 2002


The museum has moved to Hamlet Avenue just off Wilmington Street. They are in a converted storefront and have most of their exhibits placed. I don't believe that they have a phone line and I, unfortunately, do not have a mailing address for them either.

Hope this is of some help.

Regards, Cliff

-- Cliff Kendall (, May 15, 2002.

Glad to find out they have rail cam, did not know. I looked at 5/5/2002 and saw they had me on tape.

-- danny still (, May 10, 2002.

Daniel: You minght be interested in the following website:

It is a live cam situated to the southeast (railroad southeast that is)of the diamond at Hamlet. It updates about every 30 seconds. It's pretty darn interesting, not too bad at all, and certainly a great idea!

Enjoy, rs

-- Raymond Smith (, May 10, 2002.

Its a small word, my wife and I moved to Waxhaw,NC in 1997 from Beaufort,NC. I was in Hamlet 5/4/2002 and they are in process of moving the old Amtrak station across the street, it is boarded up. I am not sure where they moved the museum.

-- danny still (, May 09, 2002.

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