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I'd like to know what on-line sheet music sources other people have found to be the best, as I live in a small time and have to mail-order everything. Also does anyone know of a source for used (second-hand) sheet music? I am looking for American pieces from the 1910-1935 era, most of which is out of print. Thanks! - Becky : )

-- Becky Smith (, May 08, 2002


For sheet music that's still in print, has been my favorite source for a while. If they don't have it there, it probably doesn't exist. Hope this helps.

-- Andrew (, May 09, 2002.

I'd like to also suggest that you consider the Warner Bros. series entitled LOONEY TUNES PIANO LIBRARY. I am one of the arrangers in that series and they are LOTS of fun and the students really love the titles and teachers love that the arrangements are pedagogical sound. There are approx. 20 books in the series at all levels (1-4) that match the levels in all major piano method books -- including Alfred, Faber/Faber and Bastein, etc. The series is mixed with a variety of musical genres. They range from light jazz, Broadway, movie titles, pop/rock standards and even some Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC and Britney Spears. The books are also available with fully orchestrated audio CD and MIDI floppy disks. Here is a link to one of the titles:

*** Foghorn Leghorn's Hot Hits *** ( upc=ELM01042CD&type=print&mscssid=584V5LW351439GM4UG8U3P4556NJCJV5)

Hope this helps. I'd love any feedback on how you and your students untilized the books. Are there any other types of books you'd like to see available that might assist you with your musical endeavors?

Have a great summer!!! Jerry Ray

P.S. Can you stand just one more "shamless plug"... ? Here's a link to a Christmas CD I arranged and recorded recently that many people/teachers have used as Christmas gifts for students, student awards, friends or family. Hope you enjoy.


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-- Jerry Ray (, August 14, 2002.

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