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I have a vac food saver,, and reuse the "veggie" bags all the time,, and use the "meat" bags for meat only. Problem is,, I have ALOT of meat bags now, I keep them in the freezer, have rinsed them out,, but they are so difficult to clean. Any ideas on how to clean them so I can use them as "veggie" bags??

-- Stan (, May 08, 2002



Make sure you clean them in really hot water and a good anti-grease detergent, like Dawn. After the are washed I'll rinse them in a bleach-water solution and hang them to dry.


-- Susan in MN (, May 08, 2002.

Maybe turn them inside out and run through the dishwasher?

-- GT (, May 08, 2002.

I reuse mine all the time. I wash them out real well with dawn dish detergent and then rinse in water with a little bleach added so they are disinfected. I hang them over a pop bottle or canning jar to dry and then fold up and store.

-- Karen (, May 08, 2002.

GT,, whats a dishwasher,, thought thats what I was asking ???? LOL

-- Stan (, May 08, 2002.

Well Stan, you could have your dog lick them clean first, then disinfect...*grin*

I just suggested the dishwasher because so many houses come with them-- we use ours maybe once a week, so figure it is a wash at worst (so to speak) energy/water saving wise, over doing them daily by hand and we actually may come out ahead. Not that I would pay to put one in a house that doesn't have one.

-- GT (, May 08, 2002.

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