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our local swim team may be losing our coaches and our 15 yr old son is an accomplished distance swimmer,we are considering private scools where students train but continue their education such as the bolles school,we know of that one but looking to see if there are any others like it?

-- dan darvalics (, May 08, 2002


send your son to waverley College, waverley is a very good privite school in waverley, waverley is part of the C.A.S. (combine associated schools)and has won the c.a.s swimming carnival 10 years in a row which is a great achievment seeing as the c.a.s swimming carnival is one of the toughest and most prestiegest events in australia for high school students. Waverley takes there swimming very seriously bringing all 1500 students to hombush to watch to watch the c.a.s. waverley has a large number of great swimmers nearly the whole swim team reaching the finals at nationals this year. so think about it. looking forward to hearing from you


-- mark farrugia (, August 15, 2002.

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