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OMG I saw the movie U-571 (hey the last digits are the same as the last digits of my phone #! lol) and TRIGGER IS ADORABLE! Omg he reminds me so muchos of this guy Braden... Who I love... Adore... And Trigger is such a hunny, and he cries, and I love him... And his real name is Thomas John Guiry and I cant find any pix of him :( so if you're curious and you do then put em up here! OH YEAH! And there's another hott hottie (like, immensly hott!) named Rabbit... He's so dang cute too! His real-life name is Will Estes so go to and look at him cuz he's cute. OH YEAH>>>>> And T.J.Guiry is in Black Hawk Down!!!!!!!!! CONNECTION!

-- Emily aka PHILO! (, May 07, 2002

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