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If you were to define Hamlets personality what would be three of his major traits?

-- Kerrigan (KerrJordan@aol.com), May 07, 2002


Why is this question always restricted to three traits? It's so not fair on the person being discussed, especially someone who dislikes being discussed as Hamlet does - well there's one for you. :) I can't define his personality using only three, so here are several more:

youth (not really a trait, but relevant);

loyalty; generosity of spirit towards those he likes/loves; ruthlessness towards those who harm him and those he likes/loves;

self-expectation: ie. he demands a lot of himself, as well of others; humility - although without meekness;

hardihood; tenacity; courage;

nobility - the real kind, not just birth; idealism, which fades through the play;

skillful versatility; intelligence; cleverness; a curious, analytical and judgemental mind working independently within the conditioning of position, society, education and religion; willingness and ability to learn and develop;

faith - in its broadest (not purely and simply religious) sense;

capacity for strong feeling - although without the intemperate passion of Laertes;

sense of humour and fun and the ludicrous; audacity, which at times in the play hits insolence.

Well, that's my take, more or less. (Sorry Hamlet.) I'm aware some of it seems contradictory: that used to bother me; but then I figured the apparent contradictions are what make Hamet so human. I'd add that the play is titled ... HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK, and that all his traits apply to the public Hamlet, the Prince and courtier in relation to his King and nation, not just to the personal, private Hamlet in relation to his family, friends and peers. Your question sounds like it might be a homework assignment one, but I'd ignore the three thing anyway and do some justice to the guy.

-- catherine england (catherine_england@hotmail.com), May 08, 2002.

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