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I have a friend who is EXTREMELY afraid of snakes. =) That is putting it mildly. I went with her yesterday to get her first chickens. They are laying hens that a friend of mine had for sale. She just called me with the total heebee jeebies (sp?) because she went out to let the chickens out and to feed them, and there was a snake by the gate. She SWEARS that it smelled her chickens from the river at the back of her property, which is about quite far back and then a 40 foot drop to the river. So, she is totally freaked out. *City Slicker* That is what I called her while laughing. I can't leave to go and rescue her because the store is open. She wants to know is there anything you can put on the ground or do to keep snakes away, and will not hurt chickens. I told her I would ask y'all!! =)

-- Marci (, May 07, 2002


Tell her to put golfballs in the nesting boxes. Supposedly it will kill them if they eat them.

-- Ann Markson (, May 07, 2002.

I use real hard boiled eggs.. They eat'em and can't digest them and good by snakessssssssssssss...James

-- JAMES (, May 08, 2002.

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