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I found that one of my hens has a very swollen waddle(if that is the right term for a hen's protrutions) and her cheeks are swollen to the point that her eyes are sunk in. She shakes her head. There appear to be small bumps on her waddles and a couple on the back of her head. I know the rooster had been ruthless with her and she is bare on the back of her head. I wondered if she could have scratched into a ground bee nest or some other stinging insect. She has been in quarentine for 2 days now and appears the same. She is eatting and layed an egg yesterday. She would love to get back out with the flock. She is also pretty old, about 5.

I am somewhat hesitant to let her out as I have 27 chicks that I fostered to 4 broody hens. I would also love to hear comments on anyone raising Dominques or Red New Hampshires. The chicks that I bought are a mix of these two. I figured I should try to save some rare breeds.

Thanks for any help. Tami

-- tami in wi (, May 06, 2002


You have done good to keep her away from the rest. I get on herte till I get tired and then head to bed I was just about there and saw your post. I should knoe what is wrong with this bird but my tired brain can not come up with the term. I do know it's not a good thin. Try I think I have seen photos of this there I do know when I took training to be ablt to test for P.T. in Inidian and this is not a good thing. If it was mine I would cull it... but that is me Grant

-- Grant Eversoll (, May 06, 2002.

Ok, I know this sounds odd, but trust me. Does she stink ? I mean really smell putrid ? That is the benchmark of a disease called coryaza which is a very bad thing. If not, then she may have a sinus infection, which is also serious. Get a copy of Damerows' Chicken Health Handbood or go to the library and read up on these. Continue to keep her away from other birds. Be careful about not spreading germs on your hands, clothes and shoes when seeing to her and your other birds. Hopefully, I am wrong. But, if not, be prepared to deal with a serious illness that may require you to euthanize your bird. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this; it is heart breaking I know from personal experience. Shari

-- Shari (, May 07, 2002.

coryaza...Thats the word my sleepy head was hunting

-- Grant Eversoll (, May 07, 2002.

Might look at the information and Chicken Disease pictures, MAINE BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES , and the picture for Infectious Coryza

-- BC (, May 07, 2002.

I agree, it's probably coryza. The swollen cheeks give it away. I have seen chickens with coryza that didn't have the foul odor but did have the swollen cheeks. The only way to know for sure is to have them tested, but you definitely need to keep her isolated from the rest of the flock or they will all get it too.

-- Tracey in Alabama (, May 07, 2002.

I looked at the pictures at the Maine Lab website. This doesnt look like her at all. Her eyes look fine, she has no odor. Her waddles are about an inch thick. I suppose its time to cull her. I just thought that if it was an allergic reaction that I should spare her. She still lays nearly an egg per day.

None of the other hens are showing any signs, so thats a good thing anyway.

Thanks Tami in wi

-- tami in wi (, May 07, 2002.

I had this same thing in one of my BROODY banty hens.She only got this way when she had babies to tend.I never figured out what the problem was but it ALWAYS went away w/a few weeks of mothering her brood.Is she hatching babies?

Good luck,and Happy Homesteading.

-- Shelly in WV (, May 07, 2002.

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