where is the country families forum?

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Karen,or anyone elseI havent been here for a while so I'm confused,I got the password from Melissa but I dont know how to get to the forum,can you help me?I didnt want to email Melissa again,sounds like she is busy enough.willa in IL.

-- willa in IL. (goodall6@hotmail.com), May 06, 2002


There was some problems with a poster and Melissa had no alternative but to go with a password in order to enter the forum for a while. The forum is still in the same place. You will get a screen come up and you type in the password she gave you and you can get in.

-- Karen (mountains_mama2@hotmail.com), May 06, 2002.

Thanks Karen sometimes I am such a dummy,I forgot to go down far enough.willa in IL.

-- willa in IL. (goodall6@hotmail.com), May 06, 2002.

karen i think it might be best to remove this I'm getting emails from people wanting the password.thanks.

-- willa in IL. (goodall6@hotmail.com), May 08, 2002.

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