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taking in other peoples laundry? And if much does one charge? I sure would like to generate a little income off the way or the other. Thanks...

-- Sher in se Iowa (, May 06, 2002


I think in todays' lifestyle of super washers and dryers, with few items which need ironing, there aren't that many families who need assistance with their laundry except those who live in the big cities where apartment facilities are costly to do their laundry. So, unless you live in a busy metro area, I doubt if you would have much business, IMHO to make it worthwhile. In the cities, men pay up to $1.25/shirt for a good laundry to wash, light starch, iron and fold/hang. and that is with a same day turn around! If you think your area would have enough business for you, go to the local laundrymats and see how much it costs to do two loads wash and dry, and then figure out how much you would charge..could you charge less? You'd have to figure out what that would do to your water bill also and figure that into your cost.....there was a woman in our town in PA who was successful at washing large items like comforters and sturdy quilts because not everyone had big enough washers to accomodate them.

-- lesley (, May 06, 2002.

I will offer a dissenting opinion to Lesley's post.

I agree that living near a metro area would be helpful. You have a greater population, and therefore a better chance at recieving business. I agree too, that at a 1.40 a shirt, you will have a hard time competing with dry cleaners and earn a decent hourly wage.

But, in my opinion, in today's busy world, I don't think you would have any trouble at all finding general laundry work. Jeans, socks, golf shirts, casual shorts, tee shirts is what I would consider general laundry. I believe that most single men, and ALOT of women would gladly pay for general laundry service. I know I would...and would gladly pay $20 for the laundry I have now. (Laundry I have waiting for me is 8 camp shirts, 2 golf shirts, 10 tees, 3 pair casual dress shorts, and one sweater; just wash and hang dry them, no ironing) I own a business that keeps me VERY busy at times, like now, and I would love to have someone take care of this for me.

(Now before you all get jacked up about me wasting money, I earned about $440 tonight painting a room, so I think $20 would be well spent.)

Anyway, all my single male friends would probably love to have a service like that.

I think it just depends on how much you want to make per day, and if it will be worth your while.

-- clove (, May 06, 2002.

Sher-----when we owned a small Mom--& Pop Motel in a small rural area- --we had tons of construction crews who stayed with us---they stayed all week- & some stayed for months at a time-----they left early in the morning for work & worked as long as there was day light---they didn't have time to go to the laundry mat---- I think if you have lodgeing places not far from you--that rent to workers---they would cherrish some one who would pick up their laundry & wash & fold it & bring it back!!!!! I was soooo busy /I never had time or washer & dryer that wasn't washing something for our business----but I use to do loads of laundry for some of the guys/ who just really needed help!!!!!!

I also planted tomato plants in containers out side their motel rooms & they used the tomatoes for their lunches--also shopped for them-- somtimes when I did my shopping/ so they could pack their lunches---- there are many men/ who work away from home on construction /of all sorts--- & have no time to do laundry----the only thing is connecting with them---I think you have a nitch---just letting others know you are available--- Also if there are widow men or women in your area who need some help-- --as I helped out several for a long time--so they could live in their homes instead of a care home----they need help with laundry & shopping also----I think any job in the service area----is good as someone always needs help!!!!!!!! Just pairing up your service with their needs is what you need to do----

best wishes -----

-- Sonda in Ks. (, May 07, 2002.

Boy where do you get prices like that? i have 2 jeans and 2 snap shirts washed starched and ironed cost 13.95 plus tax. thats at archers laundry and cleaners bartlesvill,ok. Bob se,ks.

-- Bobco (, May 08, 2002.


You can bring your laundry to me and I would be glad to do it for $20 a week.

-- Melinda (, May 10, 2002.

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