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My English is not as good as an Englishman or an American, but if I understand everything correctly you'll just need two audio cables ( mini jacks ) to run this program? No midi sync cables or anything? I've read the manual and there is something written about a tape deck and recording the data with save and load but you'll need to understand that I wasn't even born when the first mc202 saw it's first daylight... I could use some help here. Can't wait to try your cool program,


Siebe(the Netherlands)

-- Siebe (, May 06, 2002


Re: audio wires?


202 Hack only allows you to convert a midi computer file into the sequencer format of 202 Hack. You see, the 202 does not have MIDI inputs available, but it does allow you to both save and load sequencer data in a proprietary format, that could be stored onto audio tape. So instead of sending the sequencer data from a cassette drive to the 202, you can now send it from your computer.

202 Hack does NOT allow you to sync your 202 with any other MIDI or non-MIDI device -- it just allows you to load a sequence into its sequencer....

Hope that helps... Dan

-- Dan Nigrin (, May 06, 2002.

re re audio wires?

I understand + thanks


-- Siebe Janssen (, May 08, 2002.

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