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These are simple little projects that are great pain and stress relievers. Heat and place around your neck for sinus headaches or tension. Wrap around arm or neck for pain relief from muscle and arthritis pain.

Cut a piece of material 14-in. by 18-in. Use a piece of flannel, fleece, or any tightly woven material. Sew the long sides, right sides of the material together, then turn tube right side out. Make two loop handles out of wide shoe strings, webbing, or macrame cord melted together. Zig zag one end of the tube shut and fold over a handle and sew down. Fill with about 2 pounds of dry rice (about 4 cups). Sew the other end shut and fold over handle to complete. Heat in microwave 2-3 minutes, and relax! Remember to use a permanent marker to write "microwave 2-3 minutes" on material before sewing or attach heating instructions when giving them away or selling them. These rice sacks sell commercially for $10, and you can make them for less than $1 from scraps. If you don't like to sew, use a wool sock with no holes.

-- Karen (, May 06, 2002


For moist heat, I put 1 cup of water in the microwave along with the bag. Also when you are making them you can add a few cloves or a crushed cinnamon stick for a pleasant smell, as the rice is not that great alone!!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 06, 2002.

Melissa, that is a good idea about the water in the cup! I will try that, I was simply placing the rice sack in a wet washcloth and letting the heat come through that way.

-- GT (, May 06, 2002.

Thanks GT... I miss you at CF, sure you don't want the password??? I will send it to you any time!!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 06, 2002.

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