Emu and chickens

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Been home with a bladder infection ugh and drinking lots of juice ugh cranberry juice but at least they have it in different flavors now got a bunch on sale for 25 cents a bottle single servings. Yesturday I was really tired and thinking of laying down to take a nap but the dogs kept barking and barking even though I yelled at them to come up on the front porch and scolded them for being so noisy but after I close the door off they go again out by the tree row at the end of the drive. I was getting pretty upset with them Later I looked out the window still trying to see what they was barking about and an emu came out and ran across the feild. lol I laugh so hard and the poor girls didn't give chase after it I guess thats the biggest chicken they ever saw. and for a couple hours after wards they was still upset and barking at the field. Too bad it didn't kick them (just a little kick) then MAYBE they will leave my chickens alone when they get big enough to let out for awhile. We had 130 of them but now down to 128 of them. 98 fryers and 30 of them are buff orpintons hens. One got trappled and one (I think died of blocked bowels) So of course after that I was on wiping crusty bottoms ugh. But what goes in has to go out right. Today they FINALLY made it out of the house. DH built me a garden shed that we are using for a chicken house intill we can get the barn built. Of course the urmp BARN with one side chicken house. Oh how I wish it could be a big beautiful old time barns with all the neat cubbie rooms and loft. Too bad so many of them are falling down around the country.

I just love it here and dream of all the critters that I can have..... if I can talk DH into it No more dogs though.. kinda like to get a mule or a donkey. sshhhh don't tell him it'll be a surprise....

Also got a thing in the mail the other day from the government wanting to know what animals I have (farm animals) and fruit trees and gardening what kind of garden produce that I grow, etc. THAT AIN'T ANY OF THEIR DARN BUSSNESS IN MY HUMBLE OPINION. I have a garden that really ain't doing too yuppie and chickens and 2 apple trees and 2 peach trees.

Have any of you people gotten a form like this. Don't have it here in front of me I was so upset about it but seems from the AG Dept. They also wanted to know what kind of income I've gotten off of my adventures. NONE Just personal satifaction and not even that to be factual sense I just planted the trees and my first garden in years.

Have a good one and thank for being there for me guys.

-- Jacque (bojaq@alltel.net), May 06, 2002


I got the form and will fill out most of it .They use it for other things but being noisy .Aid to farmers in bad conditions and such .As for how much I make well they can check my tax return .

-- Patty {NY State} (fodfarms@hotmail.com), May 06, 2002.

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