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Hey Guys.. i know u dont know me, but i hope Emily does, cause i talk to her over the net sometimes. I HOPE. we havent talked for a while. anyway, i was just wonderin what this whole message board thing is, cause i just went through it and read ALL of them... and honestly, my stomach hurts from laughin! I love the thing with the gnomes... LOL!Im from Australia, Brisbane, by the way, and Emily, i did IM that guy..... ummmmm i forget his name... something like NChardon? something like that.. hope hes e-mailin you..... Luv, Tabby

-- Tabby (tabbyo1@hotmail.com), May 05, 2002


Yeah! Tabby I know you! LOL! Hey there! You emailed me but I havent answered it yet cuz its like 5:00 AM here... And I'm tired.... Bloody TIRED! BLAH! Anyways, yeah Nathan is Emailing me... Kindof... I have his home addy tho so I can write him if I need to! LOL!

-- Emily~*~ (ecat100@yahoo.com), May 06, 2002.

Well thank god u remember me, Emily! And can i just ask what on earth are you doing up at 5.00 am?!?! LOL! i cant even think about waking up at 7.00! gosh.. yeah, nathan, thats his name. i knew that.haha. so who else usually writes on these message boards? ive seen Monica, Mic, and Amanda, i think.. sorry if theres a couple of other people too... im not so good with names. LOL!

oh well, cya guys

-- Tabby (tabbyo1@hotmail.com), May 07, 2002.


-- E~*~ (ecat100@yahoo.com), May 07, 2002.

very cool!

-- Emily aka PHILO! (ecat100@yahoo.com), May 10, 2002.

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