Here's the best underground live mixed cd's : LUSENET : North Carolina Raves : One Thread

Get the best live mixed house or dnb anywhere from the baddest artists

of our time. Underground Rekords does not just get any cd or mix and

put it on here, this is only the best music that we and our dj's love,

we have been with this music for many many years and continue to love

it, more and more. We know how it is when you purchase something and it

sucks. This is only the music we love and believe is some of the best

music, cd's, mixes, and records of all time. Even bad ass artists

sometimes come out with whack stuff, so we made sure that it's not just

a great artist, but that it's some of their best and newest work. We

make sure that everything on here is strickly bad ass nothing less.

This is the type of stuff we LOVE to jam in OUR spare time, we're not

just selling whatever we can get. There is so much stuff out there that

sucks that people sell, so when you try to purchase a cd most of the

time you have to have heard it before, or you feel like you might get

fucked over because you don't want to end up with something that sucks

and you have to just HOPE that it's a good cd, which is messed up

because you're paying money.

With us you can pick any CD and not have to have heard it before, and

you can be sure that you will enjoy the cd, love it, and hear it over

and over forever. This is the type of stuff that you will want to hold

on to for your whole life. We live and sleep to this music 24 hours 7

days a week. We know good music when we hear it, that is what we do.

Some of the dnb artists we have: Ak1200, Dara, Dillinja, Konflict,

Dieselboy, Adam F, J-majik, Ed Rush Optical, Brockie, Mickey Finn,

Danny the wildchild, Kemal and Rob Data and much much more, all live

cd's, perfect sound quality.

Some of the house artists: Armand Van Helden, Ian Pooley, Bob Sinclair,

Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Feelgood, Dj Dan, Stacy Kidd, Paul


If there is something in particular you're looking for just ask us. If

there is something you're interested in that is not house or dnb we can

get it for you just tell us what you want and we'll have it. Check out

our website for all the cd's and information.

Cd's are only $10 and we'll send it C.O.D at no charge, and free


Contact info.:

Underground Rekords

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2002



-- Anonymous, July 03, 2002

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