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I am traveling to the 1000 Day with an entourage of adult and younger girl scout friends. The girls will be registering in their respective age classes, but my adult friends are interested in recreational White or Yellow courses. At what events will this be available? What will be the charge for recreational courses? Should they pre-register? And what will there be for the girls at events like the sprint and stampede?

-- Clare Durand (, May 05, 2002


You can see exactly what events will be available by looking at the course table on the Race Info page at the web site. We won't have any courses specially designated as recreational, but if someone wants to run one of our yellow or white courses recreatoinally that will be fine, against a $5 charge per map. It won't hurt to pre- register if your folks are certain which days they will participate, but we'll manage one way or another if they just show up each race day. For the girls at the Sprint and Stampede there will of course be the Spring and the Stampede--they're not boy only events! But that's all we have on those days.

-- Swampfox (, May 06, 2002.

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