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About 3 weeks ago, I found this little brown colored worm on my kitchen counter. It was maybe 1/2" long. One end seemed a bit larger than the other end.... maybe. I wondered where it came from. I got rid of it. Then a couple of days later right near that same spot, I found a dead one. Then nothing. Well, yesterday, I found a tiny one on my stove top, which is right beside the counter where I found the other 2. Our ceiling is 2" X 6" tongue in groove pine. The ceiling downstairs IS the floor upstairs. I am only saying this, as I wondered if something was nesting in the wood and these worms fell from there. There is really not anything on the counter that would draw them. They were a light brown in color. Any clues?

-- Marci (, May 05, 2002


Do you have pantry moths? I have noticed that when we have an outbreak of pantry moths we also have the worms, mine seem to fall from the ceiling or from below my cabinets.

-- Lynelle SO.wesVA. (, May 06, 2002.

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