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Why no times either from Kodak or DigitalTruth for Tri-X Prof. (320asa) in D-76 1:1? I'm shooting 220 and want the longer developing times and sharpness of 1:1. Has anyone experience with this film and D-76 1:1?

Appreciate any feedback.



-- Michael Hintlian (, May 05, 2002


Michael I've wondered the same. I shoot all formats of this film and dev D76 1:1 @68 degrees for 10 min. Works fine. Good luck!

-- Ted Davis (, May 05, 2002.

Ok. Thanks. I'll test some to see what happens. I just think its curious that Kodak has no published times for this film, and really never has. What could be the possible reason?

Again, thanks.


-- Michael Hintlian (, May 06, 2002.

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