Leica M to fit worlds smallest SLR

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I love leica M lenses, and I always wanted somehow too see trough them, as you could on the huge mirror reflex systems, around today. I accidentaly had the smallest SLR Pentax auto 110,and putting Leica M close to its house for the first time I could see trough..hmm,..especially the Noctilux looks great, and becomes 100m 1.0 !.I always wanted a pocket camera which can do close ups, and portrait/candid camera...so I worked hard but I made an adaptor which enables you to use leica M lenses on Pentax auto 110 SLR.The result: Pocket camera, very small,,with leitz M lens, close up til 1 cm,.and tele/candid/portrait possibilytes..dissadvantage:small negative and only iso200 film..my question: Is it worthted?

-- Alexander Barti (mrbarti@hotmail.com), May 05, 2002


It sure sounds fun! I guess that it is only you who can answer if the result is worth the effort.

-- Niels H. S. Nielsen (nhsn@ruc.dk), May 06, 2002.

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