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I purchased a property with a partner which was repossessed in 1997. The property was sold and he received a shortfall claim in 2000. We no longer live together and the lender's solicitor does not have my address. We continue to respond to letters from me ex partner's address. I was susbsequently accepted for a mortgage and now own my own property. I simply missed 'bad' addresses from my application form and had no credit for several years until I bought the new property. When serving the SARN on the Building Society should I include my most recent addresses (including the new one) or should I stop the trail at the address which I used to share with my ex?

-- nik (, May 05, 2002


How did you manage the question on the mortgage application form that asks about previous mortgages then? If you stated you hadn't had one then you have made a fraudulent application. There is usually a question about credit problems/ mortgage arrears / current debt claims etc.. Now you are proposing to use a false address in serving an SARN. Please don't think that I am judging you, I'm not, but I think that you are walking on thin ice. The problem with deception is that the farther you go the more lies you have to tell to back up the original one.

-- Gordon Bennet (, June 11, 2002.

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