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im in school and usually use ilford fp4 plus black and white film, i just bought the ilford delta 400 black and white film, can i still develop it at school the same way i did with the fp4 plus?

-- gary m ventura (, May 04, 2002


The first question to answer would be: What developer were you using with FP 4+? I would suggest that you go to: Click on "Massive development chart". Then click on Delta 400 film. When the Delta 400 chart comes up, look up the developer you were using (or the developer you would like to use) and note the time and temperature. Use the time and temperature shown for Delta 400 with that developer. (The temperature usually given is 20 degrees C., which is 68 degrees F.) The rest of the proceedure, through stop bath, fixer and washing will likely work fine as you did it with FP4+. -Ollie

-- Ollie Steiner (, May 04, 2002.

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