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Has anyone had the experience of hens and roosters both setting a clutch of eggs? My blue silkies finally started setting and as I passed by I noticed that...hey wait a minute that is the rooster!!! He has been on there for two days now....Whats up with that?

-- Carol (, May 04, 2002


Sounds absolutely modern to me!! :) (My rooster wouldn't have the brains to figure out how to set )

-- Sue (, May 04, 2002.

I had a Lt Brahma rooster who was a wonderful daddy, but I've never had a rooster actually sit on the eggs. I like it:)

-- mary (, May 04, 2002.

Silkies are not like other chickens. Some times I wonder if mine are chickens at all but a completely different critter. They are a family in every way. All the chickens take care of each other and also tend to the chicks. I sold an extra rooster and when I tried to catch it the other rooster flogged me! They never fought. I love them! Right now I have 6 hens. Two have chicks that are half grown. They havent started laying again yet because they are still mothering. Have you ever seen a mother Silkie trying to cover half grown chicks? The other four hens are all sitting in one big huddle on a whole mess of eggs. Thats ok. I have people waiting in line for the chicks.

-- corky wolf (, May 04, 2002.

I read that silkies are just like regular chickens except for their feathers. Later, however, I read that they have black meat and even saw a picture of this on a web site. (I'm pretty sure that that thread was on this site). Now that I have read your post and the one earlier I really do wonder if silkies are just regular chiickens with wierd feathers. Does anyone know about the history of the breed?

-- Erika (, May 04, 2002.

Had two cochin hens setting one egg, when they would get off the egg the rooster would set on it until they came back.

-- hc mungo (, May 05, 2002.

I have had Bantam Rooster sit on eggs before. I don't think it's to uncommon in Bantams. Silkies are an ancient breed from China. I have a black silkie rooster that doesn't care for our other chickens (not silkies) and lives in the house. If anyone has a silkie hen and lives in Kitsap, King or Jefferson County in Washington state and would like to sell one let me know. Spare Parts is a black silkie rooster, 15 years old, very nice and gentle and is looking for a wife. Diane

-- Diane Olson (, May 30, 2002.

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