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Today the doorbell rang and a Fed-ex man gave me the biggest bundle of paperwork i have ever recieved.Where do i start?Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we should be looking for in the first instance?

-- Mark (Mark.jakins@btinternet.com), May 04, 2002


Sorry if this is obvious, but I found the most important thing to do first was to number the pages in the order they are sent to you. If it is anything like Citibank's SARN response to me, it will be in no useful order, will have pages missing, pages duplicated, etc, and it is easier to identify these once it is numbered. Also, it makes it clear to anyone (eg a court) that the lender's response is a shambles, and not intended to be useful to you, the borrower. What you look for amongst the paper mountain depends on what you need to know. I found it useful to look first at papers relating to the period from repossession to sale, and simply check the figures for what they claimed for maintenance etc - are their sums right? have they provided documentary evidence of their figures (subcontractors' bills, etc)? It is a tedious and longwinded job, but well worth the effort as you are likely to find a host of inconsistencies. Good luck!

-- Melody (mbc109@york.ac.uk), May 04, 2002.

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