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I wonder if anyone has any experience with the Alden Appeldore 16 or the Little River Marine Heritage 15. I plan to use the boat in the Hudson when it is rough and the water is cold. Is the Heritage much more stable then the Appledore? What about windage? Which will be easier to handle in rough/windy conditions? Will I outgrow either one quicker then the other as I get more proficient? Any other boats I should consider? Thanks for any input.

-- Peter Scharff (, May 03, 2002


Peter, I row a Heritage 15 and recently made a 135 mile row. I row sliding- seat at home on the lake, but row fixed-seat to travel. The boat tracks very well and handles rough water conditions with grace. The boat is stable and doesn't have any windage problems. I think the boat has nice lines and receives many compliments. The only boat I would give it up for would be a St. Lawrence River Skiff. I spent a year looking for a boat and now realize there is no such thing as the perfect boat, but am happy enough with what I have. The Appledore 16 you mention also looks like a good boat and have always thought double-ended boats are logical. Good luck!

-- David Bean (, May 03, 2002.

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