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Hi all

Weird week, huh? First not being able to get here, then having to deal with the other thing.

I keep reading about all these people that are trading plants back and forth, and I can't wait until I have something to trade LOL. At our last home we had started a very small garden, a friend had given us lemon balm and rudbeckia. We had sunflowers etc. some annuals to fill in. I miss all that. Our new home was a rental for years and years so there really is nothing planted here. I have a HUGE lilac bush in the front yard right along our stone wall. In the woods, very small woods, we have some violets. That made me smile. The only other thing I Have is dandelions LOL. Even they make me smile because they add some color. I dug a garden in the front of my house, and lined with the rocks I found in it. There was enough to line the entire thing! I put in three arbovitae that I was able to get 3/10$. The weather up here has been cold, the stores all have their plants but they are all inside. Can't wait for it to warm up. I want to start gardening! Janice

-- janice in NE NY (, May 03, 2002


I love dandylions and violets, they're beautiful. Also, you can make jelly with them. The recipes are in the Countryside archives under 4 jellies and a jam.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, May 03, 2002.

dandelion greens aren't too bad either. The root can be dried, roasted and ground to make a nice coffee substitute or additive.

-- Dave (, May 03, 2002.

LILAC???YOU HAVE LILAC???? LOL What do you mean you have nothing to trade??? I would love to have some lilac so I could wait three years to have some blooms!!!!!!! Seriously!!! I have lots of herbs to trade.....does anyone know how to mail living things? Please give me a clue and I'll be happy to trade some things for some lilac!

-- lesley (, May 04, 2002.

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