weeco #8?

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Has anyone ever heard of or do you have any information on WEECO #8 gear oil for a Westinghouse elevator gear? I am look for specifications on this product or where I can get it or a substitute product.

-- michelle borcher (michelle@alliedwashoe.com), May 03, 2002


Weeco #8 is manufactured by American Oil and Supply Co. It's a gearbox oil that is no longer specifically suggested by Westinghouse/Schindler. There is also a Weeco #8LT for cold weather use. The LT stands for Light wieght oil. The grade of the oil is AGMA-6 and if purchased from american oil can be Vitalube 6 or Weeco 8.

-- Richard Rose (Richard.Rose@otis.com), July 23, 2002.

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