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Has anyone tried these brackets to raise the angle of the clip ons.If so are they any good. Also are they available in th UK or should I get them sent from th US.

-- Paul Diffey (, May 03, 2002


I've had them on my bike for a year, and strongly reccomend them. I'm not sure about were to get them in the UK.

-- Miguel Bartoli (, May 03, 2002.

There is a dealer in the UK for FBF. If you look on the FBF web site it has the details. Price works our the same.

-- Matt Thompson (, May 04, 2002.

pro twins keep them approx 170.00

-- ian greener (, May 18, 2002.

Just got a silver 1+1, and put the 8 degree riser on. I've ridden 2 other MV's (F4S and a Senna, both with the risers), and I think it's the only way to go to make the bike truly road/performance versatile.

-- Larry Nipon (, May 18, 2002.

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