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I have what I think is a queen excluder, but looking at the sizes of some of the bees around here it looks it might be a propolis screen. What are the measurements between the wires for a queen excluder. If it not an excluder, I will need to order one pronto. Also, does anyone have experience with the slatted board? and the screened bottom board (not sure the technical term for this)? Are these items useful?

-- jonathan (, May 02, 2002


I dont have the dimensiosn of the hols spaces,, but useing a propolis trap is a waste of money,, when an excluder works just as well. One way to check it,, is place it in front of the hive, and see if workers will pass thru it, if so,,Id bet its an excluder. Slatted boards are for use in EXTREME HOT weather,, FAR SOUTH< ect. A screened bottom board, is used as the same as a slatted,, but now,, its being used, with the appropiate size holes, as a mite trap. If you place a sticky board under the screen, ,when mites fall,, they get stuck. Some are using them with PMI techniques to reduce chemical usage for mites. I make alot fo my own equipment,, outer covers,, inner covers,, bottom boards, reducers. Have made some boxes, can be done, but without the dovetailing, ,its difficult to get completely square. Frames,,I wont even try to make

-- Stan (, May 02, 2002.

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