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Has anyone recently published a book oin ACF Passenger cars.I'm looking for some info on the 6-DBR Lounge Cars.

-- V.L.Lewis (, May 01, 2002


There was no recent book published which specifically deals with the ACF 6 double bedroom-lounge cars built for both the seaboard and the Atlantic Coast line. Dave Randall is doing a series of books on cars built by Budd and ACF, however, he has not yet produced the book dealing with our two roads. I believe that is next on his list. The books which he has produced, both the series on pullman cars and the current series on Budd and ACF cars are excellent. I recommend them to all. Another book was published about two years ago which deals with the history of ACF. It has some information on ACF's passenger cars and has some photographs, both B&W and color, however, it does not show interiors, floorplans nor doies it go into any detail.

You can look at book listings from any of the big dealers on the Internet-Karens Books, Rons Books, Cajon Rails, etc. and you will find listings for the books.

If you are interested in the specific cars, I suggest you get Larry Goolsby's book on ACL passenger service, try to find a copy of griffin's book on Seaboard passenger service and if you do not have them, get the car plans from the Society.

-- Michael W. Savchak (, May 02, 2002.

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