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I was here all alone.

It was no fun at all.

-- (boo@hoo.hoo), May 01, 2002


Seems like lately this forum has been down more than it has been up. Time to find a backup hangout.

-- (we're being @ dissed. by Phil), May 01, 2002.

-- Uncle Deedah (, May 02, 2002.

Above URL linked for the terminally lazy.

-- Uncle Deedah (, May 02, 2002.

This link doesn't work either. It's a conspiracy. When Unk's is down, we'll have to follow Flint and Anita and JBT and Cin to Timebomb2000.

Please, a plea for prayers.

-- (, May 02, 2002.

Link worked for me.

-- Peter Errington (, May 02, 2002.

Got registered over there. No sooner than my first login, a private message was flagged. Then the software said I couldn't read the private message because the sender "no longer exists".

Kinda scary.

-- helen (calling@for.backup), May 02, 2002.

Link worked for me. You better make another one Unk for the terminally dumb.

-- hee-haa (just@kidding.lars), May 02, 2002.

JBT is the only one with the guts to stand up

-- the freaky geek (the@freaky.geek), May 03, 2002.

Guts? TB has the opposite problem of this place. It's so damned busy that checking every other day or so & you're lost in new posts. Nice problem to have...sorta.

-- Carlos (, May 04, 2002.

I bet there is alot that goes on behind-the-scenes at TB. I registered once because Dennis was acting like a real jerk and I wanted to tell him that.

So... my first and last post at TB was:

"Dennis, you're acting like a real jerk."

When I went to post again a few hours later my account was disabled. LOL - THAT was bad enough to disable my account and look what DENNIS posts today about Flint -

"Flint - the spelling Gestapo.

Dude, if you wanna be that way, GET THE HELL OFF THIS BOARD.

Otherwise let it be. I don't tell people about your 2" d*ck, so you don't tell people how to spell and use grammar.


I thought so. You carry no weight here. You are not staff. Peoples' spelling mistakes don't matter. You are being a rude, pompous b*stard."


Something is very wrong over there.

-- Debra (, May 04, 2002.

Flint is a mental midget, why can't they just leave him alone.

-- ??????why (why@.not.???), May 04, 2002.

Whoa, Debra. I don't lurk around on Tb2K much these days, but you got my attention with your c & p. It's been apparent for more than a little while that something is Wrong (with a capital W) with Dennis Olson.

From reading that thread, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see him as the lead story on the 10 o'clock news, and soon. Maybe Flint can teach Dennis how to spell P-O-S-T-A-L. Whatever Dennis's problem, it's getting much worse, and more difficult for him to control or conceal.

Remarks from Dennis, like "You are being a rude, pompous b*stard" and "No one has the right to complain about others' spelling and grammar, especially with the past history of arrogance and egotism demonstrated by Flint" are so obviously descriptive of Dennis himself that it could be humorous. But, given that it appears he's close to committing violence, it's really not funny.

Regular posters on that board who don't confront his outrageous behavior, and hold him accountable for it, are blind.

-- (just, May 05, 2002.

You have it nailed “”. I look in at FatOlsonLand on a regular basis and there has been a steady downhill spiral from the mind of His Fatness. I see it as a very simple truth; that boy is one sick puppy. A few weeks ago he was blubbering away about his new job, one that would greatly reduce the available time to lord over his flock. For the past few weeks, he seems to be posting on a 24/7 schedule.

He must once again be unemployed. No surprise there.

-- Send (mo@money.please), May 05, 2002.

Flint has the capability of driving anyone insane. And Dennis seems to be at his rope's end about the whole subject of Flint.

What a bunch of drama queens you guys are.

-- (what @you're .forgetting), May 05, 2002.

And Dennis seems to be at his rope's end about the whole subject of Flint.

Funny, though. It's only Dennis that is at his rope's end. Every single other post on that thread either completely ignored him or told him to chill out.

-- (what@i.think), May 05, 2002.

For some of you who weren't around from the start or who just forgot; here is some of the craziness. From CPR I think.


I have no position on this subject. This is for memories sake. ;<)))

Best Wishes,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, May 05, 2002.


From CPR ...

No, "doomer::~doomer()" (the "doomer destructor," for those who don't know C++[g]) wasn't CPR. We corresponded a time or two via email. :)

-- Stephen (, May 05, 2002.

CEEP ain't been around. The style is tough to miss. Wish he was. Conflict properly fought is healthy for a forum. All we have is Cherri & the bumpkin.

-- Carlos (, May 06, 2002.

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