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In June we will be celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary. We will be having an open house. Any suggestions to make this a memoriable event PLEASE let me know. Drawing a blank, just used to kid's birthday parties!

-- pookie,MN (codemental@yahoo.com), April 29, 2002


I remember one time we got a letter asking people to send letters and pictures for a memory book. The kids did this a head of time and put the book together before the event. Another idea is a quilt. Everyone in the family could do a square and someone could put it together. Hope you have a lovely time.

-- Jo (countryjo16@hotmail.com), May 01, 2002.

Pookie---- I took time to write out all my ideas the other day--- spent about 30 minutes writting out ideas---got ready to post it--- & the forum went down----ha!!!

So I'll try to remember it all again-----

First about two weeks before our parents 50th anniversary party----I put in all small town papers around them----we were haveing a card shower for their anniversary---& would people send a picture or memory in a card to the folks---they did & I made a scrap book out of them---

We involved all grandchildren & great--grands----either at the guest book--serving punch---takeing picutres---greeting guests--etc/etc/--

We had name cards for all the kids & grand children----of who they were & who they belonged to---

We had a cloth table covering on a corner table---& we had gold pens that we asked everyone to sign their names to --or write something on the cloth for the couple---to remember--

We had one table with wedding picture of my parents & also pictures of all through the years/ snap shots---& a present picture of them---

Then next to it we had a table with pictures of each child & their family----

We had different people takeing pictures all day--- & we also put those disposable cameras on each table & asked people to take pictures as they wanted of who ever they wanted & to trun in the cameras -or leave them on the table when all the pictures were taken-- --(got some wonderful pictures that way)--

We had grandchildren present ---entertainmeent--some sang--etc/etc/--- others told stories that they could remmeber of times with grandma & grandpa---

Then we opened it up to everyone who was there & wanted to share a story---or coarse all this was being videoed!!!

We bought my Mother a yellow rose bush as she loves yellow roses & we all helped plant it---so they had the rose bush to remember the day with also---

We used flowers & herbs from our gardens for the center pieces & then put colored cutouts & candy kisses--around the center pieces --for the guests to eat the kisses---

That is all I can remember right now--- I have drawn a blank---

-- Sonda in Ks. (sgbruce@birch.net), May 02, 2002.

Wonderful ideas!

Just these to add from me:

For my parents, we had a big cake made with their pictures on it. On one side was their wedding picture, and on the other side, a current photo. It was very nice, and of course, quite a conversation piece:) (And good!) (Our local grocery store bakery makes them).

And, probably someone in the family has a video camera and loves to use it. At my folks' to-do, I was in charge of videoing everyone as they greeted my folks(and of course, in the meantime, I took video of grandchildren serving, etc.) My parents really appreciated the tape, especially since it all goes so fast!

-- mary (mlg@mlg.com), May 02, 2002.

Your local paper should have an archive ability where they MIGHT be able to print up a copy for you of the newspaper which was printed the day your folks got married..also, on the internet, you can download songs from that year, especially if you have any buddies with a cd burner thing...how romantic..sigh

-- lesley (martchas@bellsouth.net), May 02, 2002.

I was getting worried when the forum was do! I LOVE all the ideas you wonderful people have! I'm going to write to the White House, my daughter is going to burn a CD from that year and the year before and the year after, going to do the table cloth-not sure if using just the gold pens or if I'll stitch it up later, maybe BOTH! The cake I'll have to talk with my siblings about having the pictures on it. We already have the photo collage and memory book going. I'm really getting excited now, not worried! I'm sure it will be a beautiful day! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

-- pookie,MN (codemental@yahoo.com), May 02, 2002.

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