Thanks for the pointer Mic, after much practice I think I'm finally ready to do this....turn from some shmoe to MONICA THE WONDER-LONG-SUBJECT-GIRL!!!!!! I will kick butt all over the internet with huge subject lines, sometimes to make people REALLY mad, others to make them laugh, which I am going for now but I doubt anyone will really laugh that hard but hey you never know, I hope this ends up as long as I think it is, I really need to prove myself to the SUBJECT LINE MASTERS!!!! Uh oh I have to go get my cat he's stuck under my bed so I'm going to stop this line now, have a nice day everyone!!!!!!!!! : LUSENET : SweetHeathDreams : One Thread


-- Monica (, April 28, 2002


Hey I got 5 lines!!! LOL!

-- Monica (, April 28, 2002.

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