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Where can I get a SCL Porcelin Sign. I have a SAL and ACL but can't seem to find the SCL with the Black & Yellow Lettering. Thanks for your help!


-- Jack King (, April 28, 2002


I beleive I know the company that the other two signs are from, and to my knowledge, they do not make a SCL sign. As a result, finding one in porcelin may be very difficult.

How is your collection of TRAINS magazines? Look in the classified ads in the back of the issues between 1983-1985 for a guy down in Alabama that had some for sale. He had two sizes to offer. I bought the larger size, which measures 30" in diamaeter. These are the real deal, and have a small "A-M 4-68" centered at the bottom. The signs are in mint condition, and were never used. If I remember my correspondence with this guy, he bought an old depot, and the RR had taken what they wanted, and said that he could have the rest of the remaining items in the building, so, these are legit and legal to my knowledge.

Russell Underwood

-- Russell Underwood (, April 29, 2002.


-- troy nolen (, April 28, 2002.

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