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The epson c80 printers have the archival inks that are water and light proof up to 100 years..Will not fade or wash out..Have been printing on 100% white cotton and its working out great..Can do anything that can be printed on paper..I think silk would be nice also..If anyone is interested in futher imfo. on how to cut, use of card stock with tape, and more tips I have learned along the way, send me an e/mail and I would be glad to help with what I have learned so far.Thanks to Little Quacker for planting a (the) seed..Its was a goodun to..Cause its growin..I think this will help her with the (How to print on fabric with pretty fronts from P/c...Well here ya go Little Quacker...Have a goodun yall...Amelia Kay

-- Amelia Kay (, April 28, 2002


Hey Amelia, Thanks! Appreciate it! It is fun isn't it to get in the middle of a new technique(well, new to me! LOL )? Hope your music is as fun as ever! I will get a message off to you on the above tips, I have been printing them out. LQ

-- Little Quacker (, April 28, 2002.

sorry everyone, I forgot to add that you must pretreat your fabric with (water & stain protector for fabric and crafts).Just iron your fabric, cut out fabric, and spray before you print.Even with this product the OTHER INKS WILL WASH OUT. ,but not with the epsons inks. So ladys that are in the quilt swap with me, please get ya some of the spray at wal-mart in the fabric dept. Its in a blue and yellow,gold spray can.Its about 3 bucks $.It should last ya for a while,I have done about 60 or so prints from 1 can of spray. I was in a hurry to get the quilt squares sent off that I forgot to do the Spray thing...IT WILL WORK..Sorry again Ladys,Please for give me ok?? I'll do better next time.I spray mine after printing also.It dont take much spray eather,but I would do a sample and see whats best for you.Even with this product,(water & stain protector) Like I said OTHER INKS WILL WASH OUT, but not with the epson inks.sorry about all the confusion.. I will take my scolding like a big girl, and go to my room.Thats ok tho,my sewing machine is in there.8-) *-)..Yall have a great one. Happy Quilting..Your quilting friend Amelia Kay..

-- Amelia Kay (, April 28, 2002.

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