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The first time he quit he didn't give any notice and put his network in a tough spot, so they eventually convinced him to come back to the show. Now he has started his own radio station, and in recent weeks he has been using the "back spasm" story more frequently to allow him to spend more time working for himself. He has George Noory on permanent on-call status ready to jump in whenever he doesn't feel like working, and will soon be turning the show over to George completely.

-- (back@spasms.increasing), April 27, 2002


Art only worked 1 night last week and 2 nights this week, so his network convinced George Noory to get on the air and lie to millions of listeners about his back because they don't want them to know Art is quitting again. Wonder how Noory feels about being used to lie to people like that. Guess some people will do anything for money.

-- (Premiere Networks @ lying. in the name of greed), May 03, 2002.

Art Bell is quitting? Who gives a fuck? Gawd, I can just imagine the angst that will permeate the sponge brains at FatOlsonLand.

-- Send (mo@money.please), May 03, 2002.

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