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I am wondering with all of the reading and video I have been learnibg from, that one says that the hive body needs all ten frames and the others state that you remove one to make nine. I am needing to understand the concept of ten or nine and why, how come, etc.. Thank you.

-- jonathan (, April 27, 2002


just like anything else, opinion will differ. SOme use 9 frames in brood chambers, reasoning is,, more room for brood caps,, bigger bees., may be other reasons,,IM not sure. I usually use nine in the brrod chamber, one anyways,,jsut to have room for a queen cage, and its easier to inspect frames when there is enough room to just move them over. Its really up to you

-- Stan (, April 28, 2002.

Stan, up to me eh? I suppose that would be true, but what is best for the bees I wonder? I am wantingto make a 9-frame spacer and I would like to know the spacing for it. True they are cheap enough to buy, but when the shoetring is getting shorter and I have a lot of wood; I desire to make one. I also made my own reducers and I have the palns to make either a 2, 4, or 8 frame extractor. And maybe one day when I get confident in beekeeping I might make some of the other things as well. Thak you for the dimensions. Have a great day.

-- jonathan (, May 02, 2002.

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